SDA Showcase Update

October 16 [addtoany]

Rep shows are great for relationship selling. They are wonderful opportunities for manufacturers to learn about what lighting designers need and they are a great vehicle for the lighting designer to get as much information as they want on various products. Rep shows are not known for launching new technologies, so it was a bit unusual to see a strong product launch from EcoSense. CEO, Mark Reynoso walked me through their booth.

Wesley Dochnahl, the Senior Product Manager, demonstrated a micro-processor, auto-sensing driver that senses the dimming protocol, among other things. Wesley switched between ELV, DALI, 0-10v, and DMX protocols. No programming required, as the driver actually senses the protocol and works on any of the four. In addition, the driver does not have to be programmed for wattage. If the driver is connected to a 700 lumen package, it delivers the needed power for 700 lumens. The same driver can be used for 6,000 lumens and again immediately adjusts.

EcoSense smartly markets this benefit. Because their software is so disruptive, one driver does it all. EcoSense transforms this flexibility into phenomenal shipping rates.   They ship about 50% of their orders within 5 days. This is bold! The other 50% ship within 48 hours. This is very, very bold!


Anjeanette Stokes, of Hennessey Design discussed her thoughts about the showcase. She likes the fact that her SDA rep, Dave DeArmas, walked her around the show. Dave knows her business well and guides her to companies with products that pique her interest. In addition, the pace is much slower than the big shows allowing her to spend more time with key manufacturers. She remarked, “A smaller show is easier to digest, and I don’t feel like I am being rushed because of a line of people.”

Anjeanette described a few of the exciting products:

  • USAI displayed acoustical tiles with trimless luminaires developed through a partnership with Armstrong ceilings. Ceiling tiles are shipped with precision pre-cut holes that match exactly with the USAI luminaire downlights. USAI is the only company in the U.S. today, that utilizes this technology.
  • Luminaire LED explained about sleep patterns for prison inmates and the negative affect of sleep disruption on attitude and behavior.   Luminaire LED has developed a warm amber light , allowing correctional officers to conduct their nightly counts without disrupting the inmates’ sleep cycle. Studies show well-rested inmates are more relaxed and have a better quality of life.
  • She loved the Luminii booth because their sample policy is always “yes.”


“The SDA Product Showcase is an extremely well managed and executed product fair which provides our firm, Birchwood Lighting, exceptional exposure within the NYC marketplace.  The SDA Product Showcase is a “must attend” event for Birchwood Lighting and always provides a great return on investment.”   Robin Altena, Sr. Director Brand Management, Birchwood Lighting