Small Town Lighting Application Office Increases Personnel

San Marcos, TX May 2013–Even with U.S. unemployment at historic highs, some companies continue to hire employees to meet the growing demand for their services. Recently, one of these companies, Lighting Applications Sciences LLC, has expanded their lighting staff by 40% to handle the influx of lighting layout requests.

Based in Texas, Lighting Application Sciences subcontracts with lighting representatives and manufacturers around the world. With over 20 years of experience in industrial, commercial, exterior, and interior projects, LAS can tackle even the toughest requests.

“Jobs keep pouring in from several sales reps and manufacturers,” says founder Jennifer Jaques, “it’s exciting to seize the opportunity for growth. The new projects are coming from a range of clients, including industry giants and upstart LED companies.”
The recent hires at LAS include interior design and construction majors from
Texas State University. These students generally enter the office with a basic background in design and drafting programs, quickening the pace of their training. LAS also employs two Lighting Certified professionals, including Jennifer.

Lighting Application Sciences values their clients’ time, working diligently to complete projects promptly. With an average turnaround time of two-to-three business days, they have earned a reputation for speed and accuracy. With the help of their new hires, they can maintain this outstanding reputation as an industry leader. 


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