Stones River Electric Offers UV Disinfecting Lighting As a Service (LaaS) in Battle Against COVID-19

June 1, 2020 [addtoany]

NASHVILLE, TN, June 1, 2020–Stones River Electric is proud to offer two UV-C high power light disinfections systems “As a Service” starting June 15, 2020, to help fight the COVID-19 virus. We offer affordable per square foot pricing for your facility of any size.

Below the 280-nanometer level and reducing down to 100 nanometers is where UV-C exists. Fortunately for us humans, our atmosphere Ozone layer filters out the UV-C radiation from the sun, as these unseen light waves are very harmful to our health and well-being with our eyes being the most at risk.

UV-C light technology can be used to inactivate the virus when exposed to these wavelengths properly with the correct dosage. Stones River Electric will safely administer appropriate dosage to your facility and utilize dosimeter cards showing the results. Our staff has training and necessary personal protective equipment, PPE, and procedures must be followed to safely administer this UV-C treatment. All services will be provided at night while your facility is not occupied and without disruption to your business operations. This very intense UV-C radiation effectively alters and forms duplicate bonds referred to as dimers, to the virus DNA and RNA strands at the molecular level in such a way that cells are altered to the point of being no longer reproduceable and no longer lethal to humans. So, this powerful unseen light source is very valuable to us as another tool in defeating the COVID-19 virus.

Provide a safe facility, minimize liability and boost consumer confidence with a simple, single package. For additional information on UV-C regarding the safe, continuing fight of the COVID-19 virus, feel free to contact Stones River Electric. We offer UV-C irradiation products which can be used to help fight the COVID-19 virus. Two of our high-power models, which are Made in America, are included with this press release will be available June 15, 2020. Call SRE today to schedule an appointment now. SRE will provide a safe and effective UV lighting system treatment to meet your needs, or we can visit your facility to apply the UV-C dosage to effectively disinfect spaces as requested, or disinfect your entire facility. This non-corrosive chemical-free process leaves no residue and requires no clean up after the treatment.

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