Tailored Lighting Offers Light Design Consultation For SoLux Natural Daylight Applications

Van_Gogh_.jpgPrivate art collectors with a favorite piece of art that want it to look great but don’t know how to go about doing it now have a resource they can turn to. Tailored Lighting Inc. has been helping museums and art galleries light the world’s most famous works of art for more than fifteen years. Now, whether art is hanging over a mantle, in a hallway, or bedroom, it can be lit as well as a Picasso, Van Gogh, or Rembrandt.

Tailored Lighting is known for developing SoLux lighting – arguably the most specified art lighting in the world (used in museums like the Musee d’Orsay, National Gallery of Art, Van Gogh Museum….). Advice is now available on which beam spread, color temperature, and wattage to use, on whether to use a projector light and “frame” light the work, or whether to use art lights, track, or recessed lighting. Additional advice on use of snouts, diffusers, and honeycombs is also available. All to make sure art looks its best. The advice is complimentary, no obligation. Tailored Lighting can be reached by calling 1(800) 254-4487.

If additional help is needed with the layout of lighting and how many fixtures are needed this premium service is also complimentary along with the purchase of SoLux light sources and fixtures.

A sampling of feedback from satisfied customers:

“You should see the masterpieces of the gallery lit by SoLux lights! The Moulin de la Galette, by Renoir and our five Cathedrals by Monet have never looked so fantastic” 
Guy Cogeval, Director, Musée d’Orsay

“The lighting is spectacular. Patrons keep asking “Where did you get these paintings?” The answer is of course they have been here all along! Amazing what proper lighting can do. “Thank you for your help and answering my myriad of questions.” 
Barbara, Pebble Hill Plantation Gallery.

“Just wanted to say just how happy I am with your SoLux lighting. I have shown all over the world and this is by far the best my photographs have ever looked. By the way you are saving me about 250 dollars a month. So you made my gallery even more green. Thanks again.”   Tim Wolcott, Green Gallery.


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