Texas Fluorescents Reintroduces as Saylite

May 7 [addtoany]

CARROLLTON, Texas, May, 2018 — Texas Fluorescents, Inc. a leading provider of lighting solutions nationwide, announced its reintroduction as Saylite. In an industry that has completely transformed in the past decade, the new Saylite brand speaks to a singular focus on lighting, and reflects the company’s roots as a trusted family business.

“We are immensely proud of our 53 years of history in Texas, and our presence here remains as strong as ever,” said Jon Sayah, president of Saylite. “But as we’ve long since grown beyond Texas and fluorescents, we need an identity that better reflects the company we’ve become and will be in the future.” Rather than focus on one product or geography, the Saylite brand stands for bold lighting solutions that are ‘just right’ — from value-engineered, spec-grade lighting to affordable utility or ‘back-of-the-house’ lighting.

The lighting industry is evolving at warp speed, and Saylite leads the way as an innovator in LED technology, cost-saving retrofits, and value engineering. “We see how new technologies in lighting can enhance life and work in powerful ways,” said company CEO Larry Sayah, who founded the company in 1965. “It’s exciting to take a complicated, ever-changing industry and simplify it for our customers.”

In addition to the new name, logo, and website that includes a comprehensive distributor portal component, the company has expanded its engineering department and dramatically increased capacity with technology investments such as the Amada ENSIS Laser in its Texas manufacturing facility. These major investments mean more unique designs and improved lead times. “From commodity to custom, our manufacturing facility is focused on flexible, programmable equipment that lets you specify the exact fixtures you need, faster than anyone else can deliver,” said Saylite VP of Operations Mike Kwasiborski. “Our customers can think of it as a factory at their fingertips.”

What remains the same is the company’s team of dedicated professionals, a ‘yes, we can’ philosophy that drives business decisions and relationships, and the ability to deliver the right product quickly across all of North America. “Saylite isn’t a new company,” said Jon Sayah, “it’s a new brand that better reflects who we really are.”

As an established company in a market with many new entrants, Saylite will retain “Texas Fluorescents Reinvented” as a signoff for one year.

About Saylite, Inc.

Saylite, Texas Fluorescents Reinvented, is an innovative solutions provider in today’s lighting landscape. Seeing the endless potential of lighting and working to make it more accessible for everyday projects. The Texas-based facility is developing the latest solutions for practical applications, with an engineering staff that bridges the worlds of lighting, construction, design and technology. Saylite products can be found illuminating big retailers, Fortune 500 offices and warehouses, multi-family projects and hotels – and most importantly, thousands of small projects across America.


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