The Best LEDucation Ever

March 12 [addtoany]

The Best LEDucation ever. This is a bold statement, but one we heard repeatedly on Tuesday during the 13th Annual LEDucation Conference held in New York City.   A few key numbers:

  • 295–the number of exhibitors this year.
  • 110–the number of potential exhibitors on the standby list.  (LEDucation quit keeping a list once it reached 110)
  • 5000+ –the number of pre-registered attendees
  • 142–the number of people requesting to present
  • 30–the number of presentations accepted
  • 16,398–the number of additional square feet that will open up in 2020 for Controls & Components

We met reps from as far away as Miami Florida and Seattle, Washington.  It no longer is a local show.

Our camera crew was in attendance for the fifth consecutive year and below are our LightPitch™ segments. This is where companies have one minute to pitch their product and/or company

Mark your calendar for the next LEDucation:  17/18 MAR 2020