The Most Advanced Search Engine in the Professional Lighting Industry is Now Live

October 2, 2019 [addtoany]

CHICAGO, IL. – With over 40+ years in the lighting industry, a team of lighting professionals have developed; an advanced online platform, that represents a new FREE, user-friendly, and time saving experience for specifiers and agents, and a new productivity tool for manufacturers.

“The aim of is to organize professional lighting data in a manner, that makes it accessible, searchable and manageable,” said Lars Christiansen, Chief Executive Officer, LightAZ Inc. “We want to enable a 24/7 connection between specifiers, agents and lighting manufacturers by delivering fast and accurate product information when needed – in the office or on the go.” presents the most advanced search engine with 20+ search parameters that enables specifiers to easily search for and connect to over a thousand relevant luminaires, at the same time making it possible to build an individual product SKU and 3-name spec in seconds. In addition, a project management tool with innovative built-in features allows specifiers to effortlessly create specification packages and share products and projects with agents, clients and colleagues.

“The interactive site reflects the changes and trends in the lighting industry,” said Oleg Petryuchenko, Chief Operating Officer, LightAZ Inc. “The technology is designed to work on a desktop, tablet or mobile device so work can be done and shared in a timely manner. We’re dedicated to investing in the technology behind the platform to bring product information to the professional lighting market.”

The platform is FREE for specifiers and only requires a user login.

Experience the platform at and try out the many features. On the site you will also find user guides, manufacturer memberships and more information about our services.

About is the largest and most comprehensive search engine in the professional lighting industry that helps specifiers find and specify luminaires within seconds.

Our advanced platform makes it easy to build product SKUs, lighting schedules, spec packages, create and manage projects, share information and find inspiration from our international product and project galleries.

Search, specify and connect; all on one platform.