Michigan Rep Admits to Robbing Banks, Bakery

July 27 [addtoany]

Jeffrey James Chaney, 55, President of the rep firm Resource Lighting Group in Michigan has been charged with robbery.

Chaney successfully robbed three banks between 22 JUN and 18 JUL 2018:

  • Bank 1:  $5797
  • Bank 2:  $0.00
  • Bank 3:  $5993
  • Bank 4:  $0.00
  • Bank 5:  $2642

Total:  $14432

Bank #2 is located at 18100 W. Eleven Mile Rd which is 1.2 miles from the Resource Lighting Group office located at 3950 W. Eleven Mile Rd.  In addition, Chaney is accused of robbing a bakery and it is not clear how much he netted off that deal.

During the robbery at Bank #3, he stated, “Put the money in the bag, don’t put a dye pack in, or I’ll shoot.”

According to the report, the suspect used a Black GMC SUV with a missing cap on the back left wheel to commit the crimes; the police traced that vehicle back to Mark Williams, Principal of Resource Lighting Group. On Friday, 20 JUL, police arrested Chaney. During an interview with agents and police, Chaney admitted to the crimes. Read the complaint at the Detroit News.

According to his Linked In page, Chaney has been the president of Lighting Resource Group since 1998.