UL 8802 Outline of Investigation for Germicidal Systems

As the impact of the use of ultraviolet (UV) radiation for germicidal purposes has increased interest in the lighting marketplace, the need for the safe evaluation of germicidal systems has grown.
In order to assess the safety of germicidal systems and minimize the risks of overexposure to UV energy, which can cause serious personal injury, a combination of requirements have been pulled together into one document covering:

  • Installation and operating instructions of UV germicidal systems
  • Requirements for documentation and training of instructed operators and qualified service persons
  • Equipment and site safeguards, and criteria for safe shutdowns
  • Labeling and instructions for proper equipment use, personal protective equipment and safety precautions
  • Photobiological assessment (IEC 62471) and ozone testing (where applicable)

UL 8802 Outline of Investigation has requirements for permanently mounted, or fixed, germicidal systems for unoccupied, nonresidential spaces. The outline defines the safety considerations and criteria for evaluating germicidal systems that include UV emitters, switches, sensors and other controls acting as site or equipment safeguards.
UL can help establish your system’s safety compliance in this emerging product category. Our experienced engineers have the expertise to evaluate your simple or complex systems and help you manage the safety risks.
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Contact us to learn more about how UL 8802 can help move your UV germicidal plans forward.

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