UVC in the WSJ

In an article published in today’s Wall Street Journal, Salmon Keshavjee and Tom Nicholson discuss the benefits of two older technologies:  upper-room UVC germicidal lighting and an anti-TB vaccine that has been used for almost a century.  In this space, we’ll focus on the UVC. The article explains that the technology has been around since 1937 when it was first used against a measles outbreak.  The article says, “Our data from implementation of this approach in Oklahoma City indicate that installing these bug zappers in a typical building costs less than $6 a square foot.”  The article further states, “From Utica College in New York to the Salvation Army of Central Oklahoma, and from Los Angeles International Airport to the Cambridge Friends School in Massachusetts, these lights are already on and providing a layer of important protection.”

In the lighting industry, we do a great job of talking to each other.  It’s exciting to see the Wall Street Journal discussing the importance of UVC in this covid era.

Read the story here.


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