Where Will Kevin Poyck Land–and Has He Already Landed?

October 23, 2019 [addtoany]

It was a rather terse statement that we received from Hubbell Lighting, “Effective today, Kevin Poyck is no longer employed by Hubbell Incorporated.”  There was no thanking him for 14 years of service at Hubbell Lighting, or spending more time with the family, or even wishing him well with future endeavors.  What happenned?

The release also states, “Hubbell Lighting’s focus and direction do not change with this action.”  We think this is a good, because Hubbell Lighting has done well during his leadership. So why the abrupt departure?

The last statement seems odd: “…and we’re excited about this new chapter at Hubbell Lighting.”  To our knowledge, they are not starting a new chapter as Jim Farrell, Vice President of Finance at Hubbell Lighting, will assume leadership duties on an interim basis with the support of the tenured leadership team at Hubbell Lighting. The new chapter will start when they name a permanent CEO.   It’s more like they are closing a chapter; the Kevin Poyck, chapter.

Poyck has a strong reputation and we expect him to land relatively quick, maybe in a bigger job. We are hearing chatter that he may have already landed.


 Watch my interview with Kevin Poyck from LIGHTFAIR 2017.