Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting Maintains Current Pricing, Unaffected by Section 301 Tariff on Chinese Imports

SIMI VALLEY, Calif. (Oct. 26, 2018) — Unlike many of its competitors in the architectural lighting industry, Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting has announced that it will not be increasing prices on its architectural line of products due to increased tariffs on products and materials imported into the United States from China.

“Since we opened our doors for business in 1984, our products have been designed, tested and manufactured at our facilities in Simi Valley, CA,” said Cruz Pérez, vice president of sales and marketing for Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting. “Because of that fact, we’re able to better control and manage our production costs; thus, tariffs like those announced this past summer have no effect on the prices of our architectural lighting products.”

In June 2018, the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) announced that it would impose a 25-percent Section 301 tariff on certain products imported from China into the United States. That tariff went into effect on July 6, 2018, and other manufacturers of LEDs and other lighting products were immediately affected, as most import various components from Chinese suppliers.

In addition to avoiding tariffs like the ones imposed earlier this year, Vista’s unique manufacturing process also ensures that its architectural products ship within two to five days after the company receives an order. And, because all components are engineered and built on site, the company can also create custom products to meet unique customer needs in far less time.

“Because of the Chinese import tariff, our competitors have been forced to either absorb or pass along increased customs costs,” Pérez added.  “However, Vista has stood by its American-made commitment for more than 34 years. Our customers can remain confident that they will not have to pay more for our products and find a way to continue making the margins they need to stay profitable in this very competitive market.”

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About Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting

Since 1984, Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting has been producing innovative lighting for the architectural and landscape industries. The company designs, manufactures and supplies a diverse line of distinctive lighting fixtures, transformers, HID ballasts and accessories ideal for residential, commercial, public area, resort and institutional applications. All of Vista’s products are American-made at the company’s headquarters in Simi Valley, Calif. Vista also custom-builds and ships each light fixture within 24 hours from the receipt of the distributor’s order, providing superior personalized service, quality and reliability without compromising design. Visit for more information.