Price Increases

WE-EF to Implement Price Increase

September 24

The Lighting Industry is seeing cost increases across a number of components and products.  To compound those cost increases, the U.S. Department of Commerce and the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) have imposed tariffs on many lighting components, based on the origin. As the result of imposed tariffs, as the overall increase in material costs, WE-EFRead more

TCP Says no Price Increase in 2018

September 20

September 19, 2018 To our valued customers, TCP is NOT planning to implement a price increase through the end of 2018. We have prepared internally to not pass additional fees incurred from the announced tariff increase going into effect September 24, 2018 on to you, our valued distributors. Granted, this is pending any additional actionRead more

LEDVANCE Increases Prices Due to Tariffs

September 13

Per previous communications, LEDVANCE will be moving forward with a price increase on October 1st due to inflationary pressures which have resulted in increased operational costs. This increase will be inclusive of these inflationary pressures as well as the Tariff Phase 1 that went into effect July 6th.

Acuity Announces 2nd Price Increase

August 14

EXCLUSIVE—MUST CREDIT EDISONREPORT. EdisonReport can confirm that Acuity Brands has announced their second price increase of the year. The first one was at LIGHTFAIR and there may be a third one later this year—once the tariff situation plays out. Our source explained that the increase is effective in September. Acuity attributes the increase to higherRead more