Price Increases

Acuity Pauses Price Increase

February 28

Date: February 27, 2019 To: U.S. C&I & Showroom Agency Principals & Associates Subject: Tariff Update Notification Letter   In early February, we announced a price increase to be effective March 4, 2019, as a result of increases in our product input costs, including the direct and indirect impact from higher tariffs, the implementation ofRead more

Eaton Pauses Price Increase

February 28

The United Sates government announced intent to delay implementation of the 25% tariff effective March 1, 2019 on Chinese-manufactured components and finished goods. In response, Eaton Lighting will suspend the planned March 1, 2019 price increase until further information is made available.

QSSI 2019 Price Increase

February 6

February 6, 2019 To our valued customers: As indicated in our previous correspondence, we find it necessary to implement a price increase of 15% on all products. This is due to the implementation of tariffs on imported goods into the United States effective on March 1, 2019. We are working on revisions to our priceRead more

Crestron: No Price Increase Due to Tariffs

December 5

September 1, 2018 To: Crestron commercial lighting agents RE: Crestron will not be imposing price increases on commercial lighting products due to tariffs As we are sure you are all aware over the past several months the implementation of tariffs on imported goods has caused many manufactures to increase the cost of their products notRead more

Meteor Lighting Guarantees No Price Increase in 2019

December 3

While some companies in the industry justify price rises due to section 301 tariffs, Meteor Lighting is committed to delivering the same advanced lighting products and added value that customers have come to know at the same price levels. Meteor Lighting has made this executive decision because a majority of their manufacturing is not done inRead more

Eaton Announces Third Price Increase

November 20

As we noted in previous two price increase letters, we will need to raise prices further to cover the costs associated with the January 1st tariff increase to 25%. As such, unless otherwise notified by Eaton prior to the effective date, Eaton will be adjusting pricing, effective January 1, 2019, on products produced in ChinaRead more

Acuity Announces Fourth Price Increase

November 20

In August and September, we announced price increases due to inflationary cost increases, raw material cost increases and the impact of component and finished goods tariffs on our business. On September 24, 2018, the U.S. Department of Commerce and the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) implemented a 10% tariff on finished goods lighting products imported fromRead more

JESCO Will Not Raise Prices Due to Tariffs

November 6

In recent weeks, many letters announcing price increases for lighting fixtures have been sent by other manufacturers. JESCO wants to assure you that we are working hard with our factories to share and absorb as much of the cost of tariffs as we can bear instead of passing the added cost to our valued customers.Read more

No Price Increase Due to Tariffs — DMF Lighting Stands Firm, Will Not Raise Customer Pricing Despite Mounting Tariff Pressure

November 2

As has been widely reported, the Office of the United States Trade Representative continues to increase the Section 301 tariff on goods coming into the U.S. from China. This includes many lighting components and finished products. While numerous lighting companies have used these tariffs as a justification to raise prices not just once but twice,Read more