Crestron: No Price Increase Due to Tariffs

September 1, 2018

To: Crestron commercial lighting agents

RE: Crestron will not be imposing price increases on commercial lighting products due to tariffs

As we are sure you are all aware over the past several months the implementation of tariffs on imported goods has caused many manufactures to increase the cost of their products not once but several times over. Crestron is not immune to tariffs and we experience the same issues that all do.

Crestron however has a different process than other manufactures when it comes to manufacturing, such as using US steel over imported steel, and working within current and future NAFTA regulations. Because of this we are affected less than other manufactures when it comes to the above-mentioned tariffs.

So, this notice is simply to assure our agents, distributors and key commercial lighting contractors that Crestron will NOT be imposing any pricing increases on our products due to tariffs. We are committed today and in the future in holding our pricing to our customers and not passing on unforeseen costs as they arise.


William Schafer; Executive Director, Commercial Lighting