QSSI Ups the Ante: 10% Price Increase

Dear Valued Customer:

I would like to wish everyone all the best for 2021!

As a true integrated manufacturer, we have been absorbing cost increases during the past five months. These increases include raw materials, components, packaging, and transportation, as well as currency exchange, utilities, and environmental impact fees. The impact of all cost increases ranges from 6% to 23%, with an average to date of 14%.

While the final impact of cost increases is uncertain, we find it necessary to implement a price increase of 10% effective February 8, 2021. Price increases are never welcome, and we realize that the economic conditions make them even more of a challenge.

Please be advised:

· Orders received through February 5, 2021 for immediate release will be filled at the current prices now in effect
· All orders received on or after February 8, 2021 will be filled at the February 8, 2021 pricing
· All orders received must meet any minimum order requirements and specify correct terms

Due to current cost volatility, QSSI reserves the right to modify the new pricing and effective dates.

The management and employees of QSSI would like to thank you for your support, and want you to know that we are dedicated to our customers. Please know that we will continue to provide the same level of service, fill rates, and lead times. We are also committed to managing our business to continue to provide you with quality products and services well beyond the Pandemic and resulting economic turmoil.

I wish all a much improved 2021!

Rick Edens