UL Hit by Ransomware Attack

Below is a letter we received today from U.L.  About four days ago they were hit with a ransomware attack.

Dear Valued Customer,

Last week UL experienced a system outage that was caused by a cybersecurity issue. UL took immediate steps to address the situation, including shutting down impacted and non-impacted systems. We have engaged a leading IT cybersecurity firm to assist our teams with forensic analysis, remediation, and restoration of operations and alerted the appropriate authorities.

We are now in the process of restoring systems that were impacted by the outage and will continue working around the clock in the days ahead to bring them back online.

We understand that this may have caused frustration and been an inconvenience for our customers, and for that, we apologize. Our top priority in responding to this issue has been to limit the impact of the situation to our customers. From the moment we learned of the issue, we promptly began implementing our business continuity plans to ensure work continues to the best of our abilities while working to safely restore our systems. We also understand you may have questions about the security of your data. The security of your data has been and continues to be a primary focus in our response, remediation, and restoration activities.

If you have immediate needs or questions, please reach out to [email protected], and we will have a representative get back to you as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your patience and support.


Jennifer Scanlon