Last Day to Register for ROLAN 2022

The first international Responsible Outdoor Lighting at Night online conference will be virtually held on May 12th and 13th.  This is the last day to register. With an incredible line-up of presenters and international support, including from North America with the International Dark Sky Association and the Illuminating Engineering Society, this is a can’t miss opportunity. Though it is originating from the United Kingdom, whether you have to wake up early on the east coast of North America, or stay up late on the west coast, it is sure to be worth your while.

“ROLAN 2022 is a two-day online conference and a live panel discussion about the topic of responsible outdoor lighting which connects both research and practice. This conference will utilize the immense depth of knowledge, expertise, and innovation, as well as the unique perspective of each field, in order to broaden horizons, increase understanding, and improve communication between the two. The ultimate aim is to facilitate much-needed collaboration and the support necessary to improve lighting practice, and to enhance research as well as networking opportunities between researchers, practitioners and manufacturers.

The conference will feature thirty-one renowned speakers from countries including: Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Great Britain (UK), Finland, France, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, and the United States of America (USA). They bring insight about their field of expertise (lighting design, environmental science, biology, astronomy, medical science and legal aspects) and will present talks related to research and practice in four dedicated sessions: (1) Losing our dark nights, (2) Best lighting practice(s) to reduce light pollution, (3) Light pollution legal aspects and (4) The impact of light exposure at night on the environment and humans.”

Register here.

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