The O’Hanlon Group Improves Deliverables of Rep, Manufacturer, and Distributor Clients

Relying on nearly four decades background within the lighting industry, The O’Hanlon Group, Inc., provides lighting design assistance to the lighting representative, lighting manufacturer, and the lighting distributor.

Using Lighting Analysts’ AGi32TM software, Jack O’Hanlon, the son of an agency founder, and an agency principal for 27 years, delivers design services for interior or exterior, new or existing, design/build, and upgrade or retrofit applications.

The O’Hanlon Group’s work has been featured in the e-zine designing lighting, Professor Richard Dunham’s book Stage Lighting – Design Applications and More, while also occasionally guest blogging for Lighting Analysts.

“Our goal is to improve the quality of the typical deliverables provided by reps, manufacturers and distributors,” says O’Hanlon. “We feel that our traditional channel of contacts – manufacturer, rep, distributor (or electrical contractor) – have too often settled for just the empirical data when asked to assist in the recommendation of a lighting product or design solution.”

“Sometimes that’s adequate,” continued O’Hanlon, “but today’s ever-improving LED technologies demand a more thorough understanding of lighting products’ performance. We think those demands require a more informed product cost-justification story. In doing so, we’re really trying to ‘up the game’ by delivering design assistance which provides not just the calculated results, but also tells the visual story of how lighting product choices can impact the built environment.”

“When there’s competition involved, (and when isn’t there?!) we think the strength of our presentations help our clients move the goalposts a little farther out for their competitors,” noted O’Hanlon, “and in the lighting sales game, who isn’t looking for that advantage?”

More about The O’Hanlon Group and how to get in touch for your design needs can be found by visiting their website here.

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