Jane Slade Joins The Lighting Agora

“Jane has agreed to join The Lighting Agora and we are greatly gratified,” stated Tom Butters, LC Executive Director of The Lighting Agora.

“Jane is passionate, informed, and driven with a keen sensitivity to exterior lighting and how it affects flora and fauna as well as humans. Jane’s Instagram account @anatomyoflight has over 21.8 K followers. She fits in wonderfully with the other members of The Lighting Agora and we are thrilled with this announcement and looking forward to working with her.”

Jane Slade, MID, LC, IES is a lighting educator and researcher at Anatomy of Night (www.anatomyofnight.com), researching the many ways in which light impacts our environment, human health, wildlife, biodiversity, and interdependence. Jane is the host of the podcast Starving for Darkness where these impacts are also discussed. Jane Slade is a Richard Kelly Grant recipient for explorations into the social and emotional impacts of light and lighting, through her work in creating lighting fixtures from waste materials in India, and through art installations focused on manipulating emotional experiences with light and color.

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