EdisonReport Announces Top 10 MUST-SEE Products of LightFair in Vegas

JUNE 20, 2022—Brentwood, TN.  Continuing the annual tradition, EdisonReport has announced the Top 10 Must See Products or Services at LightFair. EdisonReport evaluates products and services from all Tier 1, most Tier II, and some Tier III companies to highlight the most innovative developments in our industry. Below are the Top 10 Must See Products and Services at LightFair 2022.

MIFOR-70 from Klus, Booth #2951 is an innovative system providing limitless lighting creativity according to the architect’s/end user’s desire.  The luminaires are designed into soft polygonal shapes allowing modules to be connected into strings and multiplying shapes.

The multifunctional bollard Korner continues the tradition of Ragni’s, Booth #3435, adaptable and customizable products, this time bringing together new functionalities related to the transformation of urban infrastructures. Sometimes design column, sometimes communication tool, Korner is a dynamic, qualitative, and unusual lighting support, serving communities around the world.

Who says TINY comes at the expense of performance? With LittleOnes, USAI Lighting, Booth #2143, is defying the norm and what is possible as we raise the bar in design and engineering with a new one-inch recessed fixture family, featuring powerful output, incredible low glare optics, and completely serviceable from below, these LittleOnes will knock your socks off.

The Vicky Ring Light, from Above All Lighting, Booth 2020, is a unique ring style light with an LED light source illuminating from its inner surface. It is available in sizes ranging from 23.6”(dia.) up to 59”(dia.). This design features aluminum body construction and an optional acoustic system that maximizes surface area to absorb sound waves and improve harmony in the installed space, providing a perfect integration of lighting and acoustic control.

The BISHOP illuminating bollard, from HessAmerica, Booth 2453, delivers high-performance illumination from a unique contoured form factor. Fully shielded optics provide exceptionally uniform illumination without striations or hot spots. Bollard spacings up to 8 mounting heights or more are possible while meeting path of egress and industry recommendations for illumination levels and uniformity, resulting in fewer fixtures and reduced installation costs.

Cree LED’s, Booth 3007, XLamp®Element G (XE-G) LEDs are breakthrough solutions for color-mixing lighting applications that require high levels of light output and full control over the spectral content. Available in 17 different colors plus a complete portfolio of white options, give lighting manufacturers unprecedented flexibility to change and optimize their product’s light output properties.

PureEdge Lighting, Booth 2350 launches TruCirque. This product brings the same ease of installation to a pristine circle of illumination. Redefining the relationship between lighting and interior design, the innovative and highly efficient system blends seamlessly into the drywall, becoming part of the architecture. The slim extrusions, LED strips, and lenses are field-cuttable and provide smooth and glare-free illumination using designer-grade color rendering LEDs (95+ CRI).

The Miro Cube 2 from Rosco Laboratories, Booth 1617, range of LED fixtures is engineered to provide lighting designers and integrators with precision light control to execute their projects with accuracy and efficiency. Available in RGBW, RGBA, UV & tunable white light models, the patented technology inside Miro Cube 2 provides maximum output, and flicker-free dimming from a 4-in. (10 cm) cube-shaped LED light.

The STRUT  from WAC Lighting, Booth 3143, is perfect for open office designs and other community spaces, STRUT incorporates combination vacancy/photo sensors to maximize daylight harvesting and reduce energy consumption. STRUT can also give each occupant control over their own task lighting with SILO Adjustable pendants while integrating illumination of pathways and common areas with layered lighting.  STRUT is a complete program with Direct, Indirect, Wall Wash, Downlights, Spotlights, and Pendants.

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