7th Annual Lifetime Achievement Award Honored: Brogden, Fong, Hollingsworth, Pompeo, Glasow, Burkett, Lien, DiLaura, Stone, and Houser

2022 Lifetime Achievement Awards

EdisonReport hosted our 7th Annual Lifetime Achievement Awards last night, and I want to thank all 130 that attended—our largest crowd ever and probably the most fun ever. Thanks to the Sam Koerbel for hosting and thanks to our judges, Ann Reo, Nancy Clanton, and Donny Wall. Teal Brogden, Denise Fong, Dawn Hollingsworth, Paul Pompeo, Patty Glasow, Randy Burkett, Mark Lien, David DiLaura, Charles Stone and Kevin Houser were honored. 

Teal Brogden:

Denise Fong:
Dawn Hollingsworth:
Paul Pompeo:
Patty Glasow:
Randy Burkett:
Mark Lien:
David DiLaura:
Charles Stone:
Kevin Houser:


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