ProCents and Retrolux Announce New Partnership

As of September 1, 2022 – ProCents and Retrolux combine to provide a marketplace where Community Members from both organizations (Buyers, Distributors, and Sellers) win as they experience and leverage the full capacity of the ProCents “Power of Connections” and the Retrolux “Award Winning Smart Digital Retrofit Platform!

This Partnership has teeth — adding 100+ new Buyers to the ProCents Community, and 18 new manufacturers and service providers to the Retrolux Buyer Members! We are also extremely excited to announce the expansion of the ProCents Platform to include a Distribution Channel Pathway! When combined and added to our current Direct-Sell pathway, and OEM / Collaboration inclusion, we meet the industry where it is, ensuring full-service coverage to the industry and complete alignment with the Retrolux platform and partners. This is a giant leap for both organizations!

Procents will continue to provide the human element to the Buyers and Sellers of both organizations through its Power of Connections Strategy and Retrolux will continue to focus on providing robust digital contractor and commerce tools for Building-Modernization, building on their promise of Retrofit Mastery for contractors and ESCOs.

We are PROUD to announce this extremely relevant partnership between ProCents and Retrolux!

ProCents – Matt Russell (CEO):

“My passion is people. And relationships are the lifeblood of the lighting industry. It has always been my personal mission to cultivate this reality through the building of a better community where such relationships can be leveraged to forge even stronger connections. This partnership with Retrolux not only provides the path for this mission to become a reality, but it also opens the door to a New Community that will be impacted in positive ways for years to come!?

Retrolux – Leif Elgethun (CEO):

“Retrolux is thrilled to partner with Procents to bring their procurement support to our growing community of lighting and energy retrofitters, contractors, manufacturers, and distributors. Plus, we’re excited to bring their sellers to the Retrolux Smart Digital Retrofit Platform, ensuring we have the most lighting brands and suppliers available digitally and professionally supported by the experienced lighting industry team at Procents.”

About ProCents

ProCents equalizes the playing field and opens up opportunities for organizational growth by providing an environment where Buyers and Sellers commit to a connected fiduciary relationship that supports ALL players and serves the needs and expectations required by our mutual customers! For more information, visit

About Retrolux

Retrolux the leading digital retrofit company for the emerging era of smart and sustainable buildings. Retrolux provides robust digital workflow automation and commerce tools for building modernization because transforming the built environment is the fastest, most reliable path to carbon neutral, healthy, and safe indoor environments. Retrolux was selected as the winner of the 4D Challenge, a clean energy startup challenge from Schneider Electric and Powerhouse, and was one of three finalists in the 2017 Salesforce Dreampitch, the largest software pitch competition in the world. For more information, visit

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