HLI, formerly Hubbell Lighting, Sues Former Agent

ON 22 SEP 2022, HLI Solutions, formerly Hubbell Lighting, and Litecontrol Corporation filed suit against their former agent in Georgia, Lighting Associates (LAI).  LAI first represented Acuity until 2014 when Acuity fired them. At that time Hubbell Lighting offered them the line and earlier this month LAI resigned HLI and is moving back to Acuity.

The suit claims that, over the years, HLI and Litecontrol provided substantial financial assistance as the company was facing ‘substantial financial consequences resulting from that termination.  LAI approached Hubbell for a bailout.

Over the years LAI continued to represent HLI in additional territories and in 2019 LAI began representing Hubbell Lighting in North Florida and received a ‘sizable cash signing bonus.’  Pursuant to the Agreement, LAI was committed to represent HLI through 2023.

The complaint requests a jury trial and HLI is suing for an amount greater than $75,000 which consists of the unamortized portion of the signing bonus, lost profits due to LAI’s failure to complete its term as exclusive sales representative, and costs to find and onboard a new sales representative.


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