Intelligent Lighting Controls Introduces the new LightLEEDer EVO Integrated 2 Relay Controller

Minneapolis, MN (January 17, 2023) – Intelligent Lighting Controls has announced the addition of a new two relay room controller to its EVO distributed digital room controller system. By introducing the new controller, the ILC EVO system now features a fully CAT-5 connected solution that comes entirely pre-programmed out of the box, meeting the newest IECC and ASHRAE codes. All of this is done without the need for factory tech programming, saving the contractor time and labor costs, and allowing projects to be completed more quickly.

“While many lighting control systems in the US market require a factory-trained technician to program a new system, or any replacement component, the EVO system can be field installed with no programming needed. This is a welcome change that saves money for both the installing contractor and the end user” said Eason Huntley, Director of Sales for Intelligent Lighting Controls. “The controller makes the design and installation easier for the EVO control system by eliminating any need to room share. Another benefit for contractors is that the controller can take two branch circuits, where the competition typically has to use two separate controllers. This allows one controller to control the lighting and plug load in one box, or mix voltages for the light fixtures it is controlling. The EVO family of lighting controllers is ideal for schools, hospitals, commercial office buildings, and many other applications.”

Each controller can support four digital switches, four dual technology motion sensors, and a digital photocell. The cable providing low-voltage power can be CAT-5, CAT-5e or CAT-6. The controller is fully compatible with the Lightleeder EVO system, meaning it can work standalone or can be networked with other EVO room controllers without requiring a network bridge; simply daisy chain them together with CAT-5 cable.  The EVO product line comes pre-programmed to meet code, but can also be programmed with the ILC Pro IOS and Android app through Bluetooth or with the Windows based Lightleeder Pro software.

ILC’s LLEVO-INT-2 ships with an RJ-45 terminal, so that the device can be used with CAT-5 or low voltage motion sensors. This allows for compatibility with other manufacturer’s motion sensors. This is especially important when there are industry-wide supply chain shortages.

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