Synapse Wireless Sold to EdgePower

Synapse Smart Lighting Solutions Poster
Synapse Lighting at LightFair- Synapse Wireless Sold to EdgePower

EdgePower, a company that sells and deploys building energy management software, recently completed the acquisition of Synapse Wireless on January 1st, 2023.  Your humble editor spoke with the CEO of EdgePower, Nate Glasgow,  who shared that the company has had a prior working relationship with Synapse Wireless and was familiar with their strong portfolio of products and software.

According to Nate, EdgePower is now focused on integrating Synapse Wireless into their full lighting control solution to provide an end-to-end energy management solution for customers. The two companies will continue to operate independently, with Synapse Wireless focusing on wireless network controls and IoT platforms, while EdgePower will continue to offer their existing products and services.

All current employees of Synapse Wireless will remain with the company and their go-to-market strategy will remain unchanged, continuing to sell through their existing network of reps and in-house salespeople. Additionally, Synapse reps will now have access to EdgePower’s products. Nate concluded by emphasizing the high value of Synapse’s technology and their intention to augment and support existing lighting solutions in the market.