An Important Message from the EdisonReport

We are responsible for managing and publishing several platforms including,,,, and  Recently, it was brought to our attention that some Google Analytical data for one of our sites,, was inaccurate.

Upon verifying this issue, we ceased publication of our Google Analytics data.   Furthermore, we enlisted the services of a forensic expert to conduct a thorough investigation of our analytics. Our investigation revealed that a consultant installed a plugin in July of 2019 that caused our page views to increase and our bounce rate to decrease, but the number of users and sessions were reported accurately. We reported incorrect page views, page views per session and bounce rates in our media kit from July of 2019 until March 2, 2023.

On March 10th, EdisonReport removed the faulty code and upgraded to the new Google Analytics A4 version. EdisonReport has begun notifying companies that advertised with us during this period.

We take this matter seriously and regret the error. EdisonReport launched in 1999 and we are proud to continue serving the lighting industry.