EdisonReport Announces Top 10 MUST-SEE Products of LightFair in New York

Brentwood, TN – EdisonReport is back with its annual tradition of showcasing the top 10 must-see products and services at LightFair. The industry continues to push the boundaries of innovation, and these products and services showcase the latest advancements in lighting technology.

  1. Typology Ring Lights by Landscape Forms (Booth #2546) are mesmerizing fixtures that resemble the sun’s corona during an eclipse. Mounted on a steel mast, these ring-shaped lights emit a solid ring of ambient light, instantly recognizable from a considerable distance.
  2. Finch by Amerlux (Booth #2051) is a remarkable lighting solution that combines artful design with high performance. This elusive fixture delivers glare-free illumination through controlled beams of light, resulting in a clean and visually appealing ceiling design. With lumen options ranging from 1200 to 1400, Finch surpasses the industry standard.
  3. Q-Tran (Booth #2746) presents the QUOVA-PERFORMANCE knife edge fixture, a versatile lighting solution that expands space by illuminating surface planes from a single edge. Perfect for creating cove applications, this small-scale design seamlessly integrates into architectural details. The fixture’s proprietary asymmetric optic offers up to 990+ lm/ft and precise light direction.
  4. Style S330 by elliptipar (Booth #2638) is a small concealed luminaire designed for use with the iLas2 Perimeter Pocket Framing system. Available in various lengths and widths, this fixture seamlessly joins together to form a continuous ceiling pocket for wall illumination. When mounted in rows, the heads lock together, allowing for precise aiming of the entire row.
  5. The IES Lighting Library (Booth #1739) offers the most comprehensive collection of lighting standards worldwide. With over 100 standards and a free Light Science Collection for IES members, this resource provides foundational education and expert recommendations for lighting applications in our built environment.
  6. Nichia (Booth #1950) introduces the Clear White color LED for Senior Citizens NFSW757H-V1H6. This innovative LED addresses the yellowing of the crystalline lens in elderly individuals, enhancing their perception of color temperature. With a 7800K CCT Ultra-High CRI, this LED enables senior citizens to experience color fidelity as they did in their youth.
  7. OCL (Booth #3214) presents the Neo Pendant, a one-piece rotational molded diffuser that provides soft and uniform illumination with a 60/40 distribution. Suitable for interior, mid-door, and exterior use, this impact-resistant light is available in multiple CCTs, including warm dim and RGBW, and various diameters.
  8. NU Tamper Resistant downlights by Alphabet (Ledra Brands, Inc.) (Booth #2813) are designed to meet the rigorous standards for high-risk environments, certified by the New York State Office of Mental Health (NYS-OMH). These downlights prioritize patient well-being and safety while maintaining architectural appeal and performance.
  9. UL Solutions (Booth #1330) introduces a circadian-effective field measurement service that gathers on-site measurements in indoor spaces and presents the results on a circadian heat map. By following established models such as EML, UL 24480, and MEDI, this service offers insights into lighting’s impact on circadian entrainment.
  10. SATCO | NUVO (Booth #1327) presents the Adjustable CCT Selectable LED/PL, a versatile and energy-efficient lighting solution. This retrofit lamp can replace up to 42W CFLs and is compatible with both direct ballast and bypass applications. With its rotatable directional light source,