Slow Wi-Fi and Printer Issues Delay Entry at Lightfair 2023: Management Working to Resolve the Situation

According to one employee, the slow lineups at LightFair are being attributed to poor Wi-Fi connectivity. The sluggish internet speeds are causing issues with the badge printers, rendering them unable to function properly. John Tremaine emphasized the extent of the delays by stating that he had been waiting for 30 minutes. Hundreds of individuals are encountering comparable waiting times.The show floor remains unpopulated as attendees struggle to enter promptly.

In response to the situation, Dan Darby, the show director, and the entire team are making diligent efforts to rectify the printer problems. However, considering the circumstances, your humble editor’s recommendation is: ‘Printers be damned, open the doors and let everyone in.

LightFair management is actively collaborating with the printer providers to address the issue and resolve it as quickly as possible.

See a video snapshot of the lines here.