Behind the LMPG-Vode Deal

Ray Molony visits Vode Lighting booth in London at Light 22
Ray Molony visits Vode Lighting booth in London at Light 22

Your humble editor interviewed Francois-Xavier Souvay, the Founder, President, and CEO of LMPG, and I learned that LMPG has purchased 80% of Vode Lighting.

During our talk, we discussed the hiring of Ann Schiffers. FX revealed that Ann was already in discussions with Vode when LMPG initiated the acquisition discussions. He expressed, “I personally knew Ann’s reputation and was thrilled to have her lead Vode to its next evolution phase.”

We also delved into the reasons behind LMPG’s interest in acquiring Vode. FX explained, “Vode has been a leading innovator in our industry with an obsession to reduce the carbon footprint through disrupting minimalistic industrial design. It is an honor to have them joining the LMPG family and we look forward to helping Vode go global.

Towards the end of our conversation, we touched upon Vode’s independent operation within LMPG. Francois-Xavier reminded me of  LMPG’s culture and strategy of giving the brands full autonomy to choose their rep network and to lead their product development, sales, and marketing strategies.

During my visit to Light 22 in London, I discovered an interesting initiative by Vode. They were actively encouraging show attendees to visit their booth as the event concluded and take pieces of the booth home with them. This concept was entirely new to me, but it exemplified Vode’s commitment to sustainability.

Congratulations to both Vode Lighting and LMPG!