Deco Lighting Shuts Down Operations

Updated, 27 FEB 2024–Editor’s Note:  Deco Lighting sent us the following statement: 

Deco Lighting is back in action! After a short break, we’re excited to announce that we’re open for business once again. No closures, just a fresh start with the same dedication to brightening spaces. Under new ownership by ABS Deco Lighting, our future shines even brighter. With a strategic vision and robust support from investors, Deco Lighting is poised to reach unprecedented heights. The infusion of resources and financial backing ensures that we are not just reopening; we are expanding, becoming bigger and better than ever before. This exciting chapter brings a renewed sense of vitality, ensuring that Deco Lighting continues to lead the way in innovation and excellence. Get ready for an illuminating journey ahead!


Deco Lighting has officially ceased its operations. The closure has resulted in the termination of all employees, and the bankruptcy case has transitioned from Chapter 11 to Chapter 7. In a letter dated 20 JUN, Andy Sreden, the President of PQL, notified PQL Agents about Deco’s decision to close. Sreden mentioned that a few days after the 15 JUN hearing, Deco informed its employees that their services were no longer required, terminated their employment, and requested the return of keys. 

On 15 JUN, EdisonReport reported that the judge had approved the conversion of the bankruptcy case to Chapter 7, allowing a 45-day period for all parties involved to negotiate a resolution. The article quoted Sam Sinai stating that ABS was owed approximately $3.0 million, but we have now discovered that the actual liability owed to ABS is approximately $3.9 million. It is believed that ABS is owned by Babak Sinai, Sam’s brother.

During an emergency hearing held this morning, the bankruptcy was officially converted to Chapter 7. The outcome of the impending asset sale remains uncertain. However, earlier this year, Sam Sinai mentioned that Deco Lighting had achieved sales of approximately $50 million in 2019.