Frank Grobmeier, Lighting Industry Historian, Launches Radiant History

Radiant History
Radiant History

Mokena, IL – Self professed lighting nerd and historian, Frank Grobmeier, recently launched an illuminating look back at the lighting industry’s historical and little-known facts with his blog Radiant History (

The blog unveils fascinating tales of luminosity and delves into the evolution of light throughout the ages. From the humble beginnings of candles and oil lamps to the awe-inspiring birth of solid-state luminaries, Radiant History ignites readers’ curiosity and sheds light on the often-overlooked stories behind the people, events and technology.

The blog asks readers to prepare to be illuminated by the remarkable breakthroughs, ingenious inventors, and the transformative power of light that has not only built our extraordinary industry but shaped our world.

“I’ve spent over 30 years of my life working for lighting manufacturers, helping on IES committees, and managing businesses in many different general and specialty lighting channels, and I have seen the lighting business navigate disruptive technologies and evolve beyond my wildest imagination,” said Grobmeier. “However, the great successes in modern illumination cannot be celebrated without a full understanding of the humble beginnings from which we’ve come.”

In addition to Radiant History’s main blog, there is also a section called Radiant Rewind which features what Grobmeier calls “snapshots in time” and gives short but interesting facts about events in our lighting past, such as when the Empire State Building first turned on its lights or when the first night baseball game was played under the lights.

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