Aleddra LED Lighting Announces Patents Protecting Emergency LED Tube Lamps

Renton, WA – Aleddra, Inc. (“Aleddra”), a lighting technology company headquartered in Seattle, Washington, today announced that it has been awarded a portfolio of patents, that relate to emergency LED tube lamps.

Dr. Matthew Maa, VP Sales and Marketing of Aleddra, states “Aleddra takes pride in its innovative research works and has pioneered the development of technologies pertaining to various aspects of Emergency LED Tube Lamps with battery backup capabilities. Our forward-looking R&D led to the development of the groundbreaking smart self-testing emergency LED tube lamp, capable of automatically running the 30-second monthly and the 90-minute annual audit tests, without any human intervention. It has quickly become the most coveted emergency tubes by facility managers across all industries for it greatly reduces emergency lighting equipment auditing labor. Aleddra also offers basic emergency tube lamps for customers who are more budget sensitive.”

Aleddra has been awarded 30 US patents pertaining to solid-state lighting devices with embedded battery backup, which include emergency LED tube lamps. The list of these patents is available at

According to Dr. Maa,

  • Aleddra believes that its patents cover many aspects used for emergency LED tube lamp design.
  • Aleddra has not licensed its emergency tube lamp patents to any third-party company.
  • Owning or having a license in any other patent that is related to emergency LED tube lamp does not preclude infringement of one or more Aleddra’s patents.
  • Any third party, manufacturer, reseller, or end user, involved in the selling or buying of similar products may be liable for patent infringement.

Aleddra encourages any third-party manufacturers interested in making or selling the emergency tube lamp or interested in licensing its patents to contact Aleddra for a business discussion. It is highly recommended that any party involved in making, selling, reselling, or using a third-party emergency LED tube lamp check Aleddra’s patents.

Aleddra’s emergency LED tube lamps are available through its sales representatives and local distributors. For more information on Aleddra’s emergency LED tube lamps visit

About Aleddra Inc.

Aleddra was founded in 2008 in Seattle, Washington, firstly as a division of Lightel Technologies Inc. ( and in 2015 spun off as a wholly owned subsidiary of the same parent company. Leveraging its strong technologic R&D resources from its parent company, Aleddra has pioneered lighting technologies in emergency lighting and wellness lighting. It has been awarded with over 80 U.S. patents and counting. For more information, visit