Mark McClear Discusses New Role as Casambi’s CEO

Mark McClear has been named CEO of Casmabi effective immediately. Yesterday I sat down with him for a few minutes through Zoom, and he offered a bit of color as to his new role:

Topic 1:  Mark plans to stay in Asheville, NC and he explains Casambi’s global footprint.

Topic 2: I questioned him on the likelihood of Bluetooth radios being integrated into every fixture in the future, as stated in the press release.

Topic 3:  Mark discusses the importance of working with OEMs as well as Casambi’s HUGE growth in North America

Topic 4:  Mark talks about Casambi’s the lack of a subscription fee.

Topic 5: Mark talks about guaranteed compatibility and how Casambi’s compatibility is different from traditional control companies.

Topic 6: Last, I asked about his first day as CEO.