Lighting Controls Podcast: A Candid Conversation Between Webster and Ron on the Dynamics of the Lighting Controls Industry

The Lighting Controls Podcast hosts have asked many guests their take on the state of the lighting controls industry, but have they ever asked each other? In this special Short Edition, Webster and Ron do just that. They discuss how and when they are brought into a project and how to balance all the relationships when problems have to be pointed out. Webster asks Ron the scary question, “Have you ever turned someone down who asked for help?”
C. Webster Marsh is the owner of Penumbra Controls, where he provides lighting controls design and specification for a wide range of project types. Ron Kuszmar oversees Port Lighting’s Architectural and Theatrical Lighting Design & Installation departments, as well as its Lighting Control Systems and Equipment Sales teams. Ron has been a Professional Lighting Designer for nearly 20 years.
Watch here.