Lumenpulse Files Suit Against Ecosense Over Dimming Auto-sensing Patent Infringement

LMPG Inc. has filed a lawsuit against KORRUS Inc. doing business as Ecosense Lighting, Inc., alleging patent infringement. The lawsuit, filed on 16 January 2024, in the United States District Court, claims that Ecosense Lighting’s AURORA products, which include the TROV products featuring “Korrus Auto Sensing Technology,” infringe on LMPG’s U.S. Patent No. 8,643,304.

Nature of the Lawsuit

The complaint brought forth by LMPG Inc. centers around Ecosense Lighting’s alleged infringement of the ‘304 Patent, titled “Dimming Protocol Detection For A Light Fixture.” LMPG seeks remedies under the United States patent laws, specifically 35 U.S.C. § 1, et seq., for the alleged infringement that stems from the manufacturing, selling, offering for sale, and importing of the accused products by the defendant.

Allegations of Infringement

Ecosense Lighting’s AURORA and TROV products are said to incorporate an “auto-sensing” feature that automatically detects and controls various commercial dimming protocols, which LMPG alleges infringes on their ‘304 Patent. The complaint details the functionalities of the AURORA products, stating they embody the claims of the patent, particularly with the feature of automatic detection and control based on different dimming protocols. Defendant promotes a dimming protocol “auto-sensing” feature of its AURORA products (including its “TROV” products) it calls Korrus Auto Sensing Technology (“KAST”), which “detects and controls the four major commercial dimming protocols” (ELV, 0-10V, DALI and DMX).

Evidence of Infringement

ScreenShot of Ecosense Lighting website
ScreenShot of Ecosense Lighting website

LMPG cites marketing materials and training videos from Ecosense Lighting as evidence of the infringement. According to the complaint, the defendant’s TROV-L45-L60 brochure states “KAST, an AURORA capability, auto-senses and self-configures to DALI, DMX, 0-10V and ELV.”

Furthermore, the complaint asserts that Ecosense Lighting was made aware of the infringement as early as January 9, 2024, via a letter from LMPG.

KAST Dimmer Demo Kit 230V Training Video
KAST Dimmer Demo Kit 230V Training Video

Claims and Demand for Relief

LMPG’s complaint includes a claim for patent infringement and seeks various forms of relief, including an injunction to prevent Ecosense Lighting from continuing the alleged infringement, an accounting of all damages sustained by LMPG, and an award of lost profits or a reasonable royalty. The company also requests that the case be declared exceptional and that they be awarded costs and attorney’s fees.

The lawsuit concludes with a demand for a jury trial, with the legal representation for LMPG provided by the law firm Meylan Davitt Jain Arevian & Kim LLP.