Luminii Acquires Glint Lighting

Luminii Enhances North American Market Presence Through Acquisition of Glint Lighting, Introducing Innovative Architectural Lighting Offerings

Luminii, a pioneer in the architectural lighting industry, is excited to announce its recent acquisition of Glint Lighting, a company based in California known for its innovative lighting solutions. Glint has crafted a range of products that not only prioritize the well-being of individuals by creating beautifully lit environments but also adhere to a philosophy of minimal environmental impact. The design of Glint products is notably minimalist, allowing for integration into architectural spaces with little to no visual intrusion, yet delivering superior light quality and comfort without glare. This acquisition by Luminii is set to enrich its product lineup, paving the way for further advancements in LED lighting technology and broadening its reach in both the commercial and residential sectors.

Jeff Parker, CEO of Luminii, expressed his enthusiasm about welcoming Glint into the Luminii family. “This acquisition is more than just expanding our portfolio; it’s about reinforcing our vision and commitment to the market. Luminii has always focused on offering solutions that are as discreet as they are effective, blending aesthetics with functionality. The integration of Glint’s well-being-focused products into our collection not only strengthens this approach but also opens up new avenues for innovation and creativity in our offerings,” Parker stated.

Peter Kozodoy, CEO of Glint Lighting, shared his excitement about the partnership, stating, “Joining forces with Luminii represents a major step forward for the HERO product line and Glint’s vision. Our shared commitment to innovation and complementary product strategies make this an ideal partnership. With Luminii’s expertise in linear lighting and our focus on advanced optical systems, we are poised to elevate our offerings to new heights. This collaboration is not just about growth; it’s about bringing together the best of both worlds to deliver exceptional value, operational excellence, and innovative products to our customers.”

This acquisition by Luminii is expected to significantly enhance the market presence and impact of both Luminii and Glint, supported by a foundation of outstanding engineering, operational strength, and a comprehensive sales and marketing network.