L+B Day 1: LightFair Vegas Confirmed; Visits to XAL, Lucifer, Spacecannon, L&L, Acclaim, Litelab,

Julie Nickel & Kristy Meade pose next to the LightFair 2025 sign
Julie Nickel & Kristy Meade pose next to the LightFair 2025 sign

Light + Building started off quite busy with over 2,200 exhibitors. I spent much of the morning doing what I love to do, walking the show, talking to people and learning about light!

As we celebrate our 25th anniversary, we are back in our renamed EdisonReport-designing lighting-designing lighting global-Today in Lighting studio. Again this year, we are in the foyer of Hall 4.1. If you are at the show, please stop by and say hello.  

XAL’s exhibit at the fair showcased a commendable commitment to sustainability, possibly setting a new standard in eco-friendly display design. The booth featured untreated drywall and carpeting, which are slated for repurposing in XAL’s new office in Graz, Austria. The furniture selection at the booth was an assemblage of items from previous exhibitions as well as transport crates that were repurposed as functional furniture pieces for the duration of the show. The total transportation for their booth was shipped on 3 trucks for the 2024 fair, compared to 25 trucks in 2018.

XAL Displays a Spun Aluminum Pendant at Light + Building 2024
XAL displays a spun aluminum pendant at Light + Building 2024.


In line with the theme of minimalism and sustainability, XAL also presented their new product, a raw fixture crafted from untreated spun aluminum, produced entirely in Austria. This fixture, aptly named the “Extra Large Pendant,” embodies a minimalist approach not only in its design but also in its name.

Lucifer 1/2 inch micro
Lucifer 1/2 inch micro downlights


At Lucifer Lighting’s exhibit, the focus was on a new addition to their product line: a micro downlight family currently without an official name. This compact lighting solution boasts a half-inch aperture, capable of producing up to 800 lumens with a color rendering index (CRI) of 90. They made the recent one-inch downlights I installed in my home look giant! A product manager explained that the light only needs a 2 inch space above the ceiling for the EU model and about 3.5 inches for the US model.



I did a double take when I walked by a booth for a company named Spacecannon. I asked if they had any fixtures that had been approved by the Dark Sky Association, but they did not seem to either understand or appreciate my attempt at humor. They did show me the luminaire that is used in New York’s Tribute in Light, an art installation created in remembrance of the September 11 attacks.

Julie Nickel and Kristy Meade
Julie Nickel and Kristy Meade at the EdisonReport Studio


Julie Nickel and Kristy Meade of Messe Frankfurt stopped by the studio, and we had a great talk about LightFair—more on that later this week. However, your humble editor can confirm LightFair 2025 and 2027 will be in Las Vegas.

Luce&Light offered a fascinating display. The Ginko 3.5 with light shaper offers multiple optics for a flexible creation. It can quickly be adjusted to exactly highlight a piece of art. The luminaire is only 15 watts and features a CRI of 90. 

Luce&Light contrasts printed words (left) with projected words (right).
Luce&Light contrasts printed words (left) with projected words (right).


Also, the letters on the left are attached to the wall and highlighted with the Ginko. The letters on the right are projected directly on the wall.

Acclaim Lighting displayed the Terra Linear, a robust linear lighting fixture designed for both pedestrian walkways and vehicular drive-over scenarios, reinforcing its versatility in architectural lighting applications. The fixture comes in a variety of eight color choices, including both dynamic and static white options, catering to extended architectural projects.

The Terra Linear is engineered to withstand up to 6,000 lbs (2,721 kg), featuring a slip-resistant top surface and equipped with security screws to deter theft, making it suitable for various public spaces. Customers can select from a standard optic model or opt for one with 100% frosted glass that allows for a direct view. Additionally, the fixture meets the IP68 rating.

Litelab, a regular participant at Light + Building for two decades—with the exception of the hiatus caused by the Covid-19 pandemic—has established a significant international presence, with 60% of its business stemming from outside the United States. Rick Spaulding, the company’s President, showcased their range of extrusion systems at the fair, highlighting a particular system that was utilized in a Warsaw museum. He detailed how their extrusions are designed to be inter-compatible, allowing for versatile assembly options where the same components can be configured in up to seven distinct layouts.

For a Sunday, the show started very strong and I think it’s going to be a great week!