EdisonReport Reveals Top 10 MUST SEE Products to be Exhibited at LEDucation

March 15, 2024, New York, NY—EdisonReport is excited to announce the Top 10 Must-See Products for the  LEDucation 2024 on 19 and 20 March at the Hilton Midtown. We solicited entries in January 2024, and after rigorous review and thoughtful consideration, an independent panel of judges selected some of the most innovative products that attendees should not miss. 

Our dedicated judges, comprising industry experts Shanna Snow of Shanna Snow Design, Tanner Chee of Arup, and Katie Czub of FMS Lighting Design, have meticulously curated a list that highlights the pinnacle of lighting excellence.

We are proud to present, in alphabetical order by company, the ten standout products. Join us at LEDucation to experience these remarkable offerings firsthand.

B-K Lighting, booth: 6204

This floodlight marks a significant milestone as B-K Lighting becomes the first company to introduce laser technology within landscape lighting. The Rio LAZR is a 14.5-watt, line-voltage floodlight available in 6000K CCT and 120-277 VAC. The floodlight features a cool white beam that offers clarity and brightness, effectively illuminating with a long throw and high-intensity beam. With five cap styles and a choice between round or square fixture bodies, the Rio LAZR seamlessly integrates with any design preference. Its laser diode makes it perfect for specialized applications requiring precise and focused illumination, accentuating architectural details, highlighting tall facades, and enhancing visibility of distant structural features. Moreover, it enables dramatic lighting effects and emphasizes specific landscape elements.

DMF Lighting,  booth: 613, 615

The M-Series 4-inch round and square aperture downlighting family meets all site requirements for varying ceiling heights with lumen packages ranging from 750 to 3500, while providing continuity in aesthetics and performance throughout. The modular design with tool-less, field-interchangeable modules (Fixed Downlight and Adjustable), optics (15-, 25-, 40-, 60- and 90-degree distributions) and trims (Standard, Hyperbolic, Pinhole, Wall Wash, Flangeless and Decorative), allow for easy serviceability and design changes. Drivers are integrated into the light engine modules versus the housing, so modules can be easily swapped out with below ceiling access, making serviceability quick and easy. Declare Listed.

Edison Price Lighting,  booth: 6009

The LOOM lighting ensemble, with its distinctive sliding rail technology, offers an immersive, user-driven experience in lighting customization, blending seamlessly into both pendant and surface settings. This avant-garde system, designed for the discerning eye, pioneers a fresh paradigm in architectural lighting, where functionality meets elegance. Employing advanced LED technology and smart control compatibility (DALI, 0-10V, TUYA), LOOM allows for the creation of atmospheres filled with precision and sophistication. With its high color rendering index and customizable color temperatures, LOOM transcends traditional lighting, inviting users to craft their ambiance with unparalleled ease and innovative flair.

ERCO,  booth: 612, 614

Introducing ERCO’s Axis Showcase Lighting: a modular system that revolutionizes showcase illumination with its precision, flexibility, and conservation-conscious design. Engineered with digital connectivity, Axis offers miniaturized stem, surface-mounted, and semi-recessed luminaires that can be tailored to specific exhibit requirements.

Recognized for their excellence in galleries and museums worldwide, ERCO’s lighting tools set the industry standard. Now, the Axis system extends this legacy to showcases, ensuring optimal display while safeguarding sensitive materials. With UV-free LED lighting and exceptional color rendering, Axis meets high conservation standards, allowing curators to focus on showcasing exhibits to perfection.

Featuring spherical pan-and-tilt LED light heads, Axis provides versatile positioning options, seamlessly integrating into showcase bases and ceiling panels. Interchangeable lens optics offer nuanced illumination, while accessories such as filters and attachments enhance customization.

ewo,  booth: 6034, 6036

Chameleon’s modular design offers a versatile and streamlined lighting solution, capable of numerous configurations to suit various applications. Designed by GECKELER MICHELS, this luminaire comes with optical attachments like snoots and louvres to tailor lighting effects and integrate with its environment. Its broad range of accessories ensures adaptability across architectural, urban, and street settings. ewo’s Chameleon, with 10 lighting distributions, advances outdoor well-being and sports a sustainable design for easy maintenance and upgradability.

Juniper,  booth: 602

Juniper’s MULTIVERSE® System is track lighting reimagined. The scalable and easy-to-install lighting platform is founded on a low-profile ribbon that transmits low-voltage power in style without any visible conduits. Discarding the ubiquitous typology of track lighting, MULTIVERSE® can be used either as matching architectural trim finish to virtually disappear in a space or used to create spontaneous patterns or motifs. 

In addition to its aesthetic qualities, MULTIVERSE® is built on patented technology that allows for 150′ of continuous power along the ribbon from a single source: four times longer than the typical low-voltage system. And it is not just for spot heads. The MULTIVERSE® supports a growing library of pendants and ambient lights as well as an ultra-slim illuminated ribbon conceived in the same low profile, delivering functional ambient light and magical illumination effects. The next generation of MULTIVERSE® will support sensors, video and audio devices on the same ribbon track system.

Meteor,  booth: 618, 620

The Bolt Nova Series is revolutionizing natatorium lighting with its indirect luminaire, capable of emitting a powerful 147,000 lumens and adhering to NCAA Standard Collegiate Play standards using merely six fixtures. Engineered to withstand temperatures up to 121 degrees Fahrenheit, this series is available in single, dual, or triple-module configurations, all backed by a seven-year warranty. Its robust design facilitates optimal heat distribution, while the isolated light engine and power box ensure superior heat dissipation. Additionally, a proprietary dynamic heat management system adjusts luminaire wattage in response to the ambient temperature, maintaining performance at industry-leading heat tolerances.

SPI Lighting,  booth: 417

Echo Blade Micro Max – SPI’s smallest, most powerful, and most versatile asymmetric lighting tool. Designed to be a discreet powerhouse, this fixture delivers up to 5,000 lumens, has 6 optical distributions, and can be utilized in both indirect and direct applications. 

  • 4” x 9” x 1 ½”
  • 1,250 – 5,000 delivered lumens
  • 6 Optical Distributions
  • Indirect or Direct Applications

Targetti,  booth: 6010

Introducing VADER: the All-In-One modular floodlight projector offering unparalleled flexibility in optic, color temperature, and mounting configurations for all environments. With its innovative design, VADER simplifies outdoor lighting solutions, providing the versatility of an entire range of exterior projector fixtures in one product, one code.

VADER’s Zoom optical system allows for manual adjustment of the light beam from Spot to Medium Wide Flood, with continuous adjustment and mechanical lock capability for precise distribution control. Equipped with Tunable White LED sources, VADER offers customizable color temperature options to suit varying design requirements.

Designed with practicality and performance in mind, VADER features a compact design with swiveling capabilities in both horizontal and vertical planes, along with easy-to-use aiming locks. Its modular nature allows for multiple units to be linked together, sharing power and control inputs for scalability as illumination needs evolve.

With a wide range of optical and installation accessories available, VADER ensures flexibility and simplicity in use, making it the ideal choice for projects of any scale and application.

Tweener,  booth: 721

The Fence Mounted Tweener Lighting System is designed for seamless integration at a height of 9-10 feet on existing fences, minimizing visual pollution and light spillage beyond the court area, making it suitable for locations with strict lighting regulations. Installation and maintenance are straightforward and cost-efficient, with no permits or heavy equipment required, allowing for completion within one to two days. Adhering to USTA and ASBA standards, the system provides uniform coverage with 300 Lux for a single court and 250 Lux for dual courts, resulting in up to 30% savings for individual courts and more than 50% for two-court configurations.