An Interview with Pinnacle’s Jim Young

Picture of Jim Young
Picture of Jim Young

In an interview at LEDucation 2024, Randy Reid, the editor of the EdisonReport, sat down with Jim Young, the recently appointed president of Pinnacle Lighting, as part of the C-Suite series. The discussion offered a peek into Pinnacle’s new directions and broader industry perspectives under Jim’s leadership.

Here’s a snapshot of the key points from their conversation:

  • Leadership Transition:
    • Jim Young has recently taken the helm as president of Pinnacle Lighting, starting in June.
    • He enjoys the shift from a strategic role for Legrand to managing the company’s daily operations, bringing his experience from previous business leadership roles.
  • Company Strategy:
    • Legrand, Pinnacle’s parent company, maintains brand independence post-acquisition to preserve industry relationships.
    • The strategy has resulted in six independent rep networks within Legrand’s lighting and controls businesses, addressing various market segments.
  • Global and North American Markets:
    • The global lighting market varies by region, with Europe recovering and Asia facing unique challenges.
    • In North America, the market is gradually rebounding from the past challenging years, with opportunities emerging in different sectors.
  • Industry Relationships Post-COVID:
    • The shift to hybrid work models has changed how salespeople and reps engage with lighting designers.
    • Pinnacle’s approach focuses on individual relationships and opportunities rather than broad marketing tactics.