Signify Rakes in the Dough!

“Dude, you gotta check this out—Signify is, like, totally green. And I don’t mean just eco-cool with all that zero-emissions jazz we blazed through earlier today.

So, like, they’ve got this other green thing goin’ on in their patent squad, man. They just chilled out a deal with this company, Fohse Inc., that hooks up weed farms with sick lights.

Remember last week when we talked about Mega Systems handing over like half a mil to Signify? Well, dude, Fohse just got hit for a wild $1.4M! They squashed their beef without making a whole courtroom drama out of it. Fohse is coughing up the cash to keep things mellow, and it’s all under wraps with some hush-hush deal they shook on back in March.

It’s like Signify’s patent game is on a whole other level, you know? They’re raking in the green from everyone. Who’s gonna get hit next? Keep your eyes peeled, ’cause this show’s got more twists than my last joint!”

Scope out the agreement below: