IES Research Webinar: Roadway Safety Focus

Don’t miss out on the upcoming International Day of Light Research Webinar on May 2nd, focusing on roadway safety. Led by John D. Bullough, Joseph Cheung, Norma J. Frank, and Ron Gibbons, this webinar promises to deliver comprehensive insights into enhancing roadway safety through innovative lighting solutions.

With topics ranging from assessing LED exit sign luminance to lighting design for mid-block crosswalks, participants will glean valuable knowledge to drive impactful change in their respective fields. Whether you’re a lighting professional, researcher, or safety advocate, this webinar offers a unique opportunity to engage with leading experts and stay informed of the latest advancements in lighting technology and safety practices. Gain valuable insights and earn one (1) IES Continuing Education Unit (CEU) by participating in this discussion. Registration is free for IES members.  Register now to secure your spot.