Join Radulescu LLP on Thursday for LED Industry Webinar on Patent Issues Facing the Lighting Industry

New York, New York – Due to popular demand and the continued importance of patents to the LED industry, attorneys from Radulescu LLP will host a webinar on May 2, 2024 to discuss developments in IP litigation over the past year. For the past seven years running, David Radulescu, Ph.D., has provided a yearly update on patent issues facing the LED lighting industry. These privately-hosted meetings have been well attended by LED lighting companies interested in learning more about the increasing threat of patent litigation to their businesses.

This year’s presentation will cover the following topics:

  1. Recent Trends in U.S. Patent Litigation in the LED Industry.
  2. The LED Patent Litigation Landscape: Who Is Suing and Who Is Being Sued.
  3. Update on the Signify EnabLED Licensing Program. Over the past year Signify has been litigating against Current, Menard, EGLO, Lepro and Luminex. The Signify-Current litigation just settled with no on-going royalty payments by Current (only a “one-time, lump sum payment” over 10 years). In the Lepro case, the US District Court Judge rejected Signify’s position on the scope of its most heavily litigated patent. For the first time in 5 years, Signify is back in front of the Patent Office defending one of its patents (CCT adjustable) against a validity challenge by a small LED lighting supplier to Menard. These and all other important developments will be discussed.
  4. Status of other LED industry licensing programs, including Lynk Labs (losing over 20 validity challenges filed by Home Deport/Samsung), CAO Lighting (6+ suits with no substantial success) and University of California (where the Court of Appeals confirmed the ITC’s finding of no infringement).
  5. Non-Practicing Entity Update: BX LED, Lighting Defense Group, SemiLED Innovations LLC, and Lexington Luminance.
  6. What to know about Europe’s new Unified Patent Court: The UPC is a new centralized court that will handle all issues with respect to liability (infringement and validity) in a streamlined timeframe.

Participation is by confirmed registration only. Register for the Zoom webinar by clicking here. Any questions please contact [email protected]. The presentation will start at 1:00 pm (EST) and run for approximately 1.5 hours.

About Radulescu LLP

Radulescu LLP is a patent litigation firm that specializes in cases where a deep understanding of the interplay between technology and legal issues is critical to a company’s litigation success. The firm is comprised of attorneys that have litigated more LED patent infringement cases than any others in the country. See for more details about the firm, including expertise and litigation experience that extends to a range of industries including semiconductors, electronics, communications, and materials. As noted in EdisonReport: “As the LED lighting industry continues to see more aggression and litigations filed by owners of LED-related patents, Radulescu LLP has positioned itself as a key player to assist manufacturers and resellers.”

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