NEEA Partners with ETHNO for Commercial Building Renovation Study

The Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) collaborated with ETHNO Research firm to conduct a thorough market research study focusing on commercial building renovation decision-making processes. Through this research, NEEA aims to offer guidance and resources to commercial building decision makers, facilitating their navigation of new regulatory influences and their embrace of energy efficiency in renovation projects. 

Over six months, ETHNO researched 16 decision makers from office and multi-family commercial buildings in the Northwest region. The study focused on the importance of early intervention in fostering the adoption of energy-efficient upgrades. Decision makers require support at the initial planning stages to prioritize energy efficiency and effective communication strategies emerged as crucial in promoting energy-efficient solutions to tenants and stakeholders. Decision makers need to articulate tangible benefits such as improved energy savings and enhanced building comfort to garner support and buy-in from all involved parties.

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