Cooper to Close Vicksburg

Cooper Closing

A spokesperson for Cooper Lighting Solutions sent the following:

At Cooper Lighting Solutions, we continuously evaluate all aspects of our businesses and operations in response to the changes in the lighting industry and marketplace. We are committed to driving further improvements consistent with our current manufacturing strategy, to remain competitive, drive better efficiencies and continue to provide our customers with the service and quality that they expect from us.

Cooper Lighting Solutions has announced it is closing its Vicksburg, Mississippi plant and will begin transitioning the lighting fixture manufacturing handled at the Vicksburg facility to other Cooper Lighting Solutions manufacturing locations.   The poles operations will transition to regional pole suppliers and company locations.   We expect to have no interruption to our service to customers during this transition.

This is a strategic move that allows us to broaden our product offerings and elevate the customer experience. We will continue to deliver industry leading service levels from the initial inquiry to final product delivery. Our customers and partners can have complete confidence that business continuity is a top priority during this transition.

This change has affected our workforce in our Vicksburg facility, and we regret the impact to employees. This is always a difficult decision, and we are committed to managing all matters related to the employees affected in a respectful and professional manner. The company has ensured timely notification of employees in compliance with all local and federal laws.  Employees will remain with Cooper Lighting Solutions in phases until the lighting products are transferred, per the project transfer of work plan.  Employees will have the option to apply for any open positions at other Cooper Lighting Solutions facilities for which they are qualified.