Cheryl English Champions Fundraising for Alzheimer’s Awareness

As June approaches, Cheryl English is gearing up for Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month with a resolute dedication to making a difference. A passionate volunteer for the Alzheimer’s Association, Cheryl is extending her support to companies and groups eager to organize fundraising events throughout June.

Cheryl is not only committed to raising awareness but is also actively seeking sponsorships for her upcoming kayaking fundraiser, set for June 20th. This event provides a unique opportunity for businesses to contribute to the cause while gaining visibility and demonstrating their commitment to ending Alzheimer’s.

Her enthusiasm is palpable as she encourages interested parties to reach out for more details or to connect her with businesses willing to participate. Cheryl’s efforts are a call to action for the community to join forces in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease.

For more information or to participate, Cheryl can be contacted directly. Let’s make this June a powerful month of support and awareness, working together towards the goal of #ENDALZ on #TheLongestDay.

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