ACE LEDS’ Innovation Lab Unveils Self-Testing Emergency LED Drivers with Power Activate.

Self Testing Emergency LED Drivers

Arlington, TX

In direct response to client demand, ACE LEDS’ Innovation Lab brings you new Self-Testing Emergency LED Drivers. Now customers have access to an automated process that cuts out the need for manual inspections and helps reduce your facility’s overhead costs.


Automated Testing

ACE LEDS’ Self-Testing Emergency LED Drivers are equipped with an advanced autonomous mechanism that automatically conducts a 30-minute test every 30 days on their emergency drivers, plus one additional, annual, comprehensive test that lasts 90 minutes. These automated functions ensure customers’ emergency lighting systems are online and at the ready, as well as compliant with safety regulations.

Power Activate Feature

ACE LEDS’ inclusion of the Power Activate feature makes for easy installation. This innovation allows the battery to enter sleep mode until the luminaire is installed at the job site, eliminating the hassle of unplugging and replugging in the battery.

Sleek Design

ACE LEDS’ Self-Testing Emergency LED Drivers come in sleek low-profile linear form factors, designed to fit effortlessly into a variety of linear lighting fixtures so customers can easily integrate essential safety features into their lighting systems while maintaining their current aesthetic.

Wattage Versatility and Class 1 Option

Addressing customers’ diverse lighting needs, as well as the different environments where these emergency drivers are needed, ACE LEDS’ Self-Testing Emergency LED Drivers come in various wattage options including 10, 14, 20 and 30 Watt models. Most notably, their 30 Watt Class 1 Self-Testing Emergency LED Driver option is well-suited for warehouse and high-ceiling applications.

Operational Efficiency

The introduction of ACE LEDS’ Self-Testing Emergency LED Drivers significantly impacts a facility’s overhead costs. The Power Activate function and automated testing protocols erase the need for manual inspections, enhance reliability, and reduce costs.

Evaluation Samples Available

Qualified customers can now experience this innovative technology firsthand, as evaluation samples are available for immediate shipment.

To request samples, or for further inquiries, please contact ACE LEDS at [email protected] or call 800-375-6355. Alternatively, customers can reach out to their local WPG Americas Sales representative at [email protected] or by calling 888- WPG8881.

With the launch of the Self-Testing Emergency LED Drivers with Power Activate, ACE LEDS continues to push the boundaries of innovation, setting new standards for reliability, efficiency, and convenience in Emergency LED lighting solutions.


It’s all about bringing the power. ACE LEDS is at the forefront of Emergency LED Driver innovation, ever adapting their solutions and crafting new technologies to empower customers with what they need, when they need it. ACE LEDS specializes in Emergency LED Drivers (EMDs), providing models that feature smaller form factors, cost-effective design, and unmatched reliability. In addition to their broad catalog of LED drivers and emergency LED drivers, they also offer LED modules, designed and built in Texas, where they can adapt products to customers’ specific needs and requirements.

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