Lighting Challenges: Paolo Cordovado’s Insights

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Get A Grip on Lighting: “Just the Hook” 

In episode 356 of the Get a Grip on Lighting podcast, Paolo Cordovado, a Building Operator at Avison Young Real Estate Management Services, voices concerns about lighting challenges in the industry. As a typical customer for lighting distributors or contractors, Paolo expresses frustration with misinformation surrounding LED lifecycles, the difficulty in replacing drivers, and the resulting waste. He humorously labels the system as a Ponzi scheme, highlighting the challenge of changing light bulbs in many fixtures.

Paolo, recognized as BOMA Toronto’s 2023 Emerging Leader of the Year, brings over a decade of experience to his role, overseeing two buildings in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Known for his problem-solving skills, preventive maintenance expertise, and strong tenant relations, Paolo is regarded as the go-to person for building needs. His professionalism extends to industry contributions, mentoring new operators, and leading innovative initiatives like e-waste recycling and barcoding systems for preventive maintenance tasks. As a member of Avison Young’s Global Operations Task Force, he is instrumental in shaping the future of commercial real estate operations, demonstrating leadership and a commitment to excellence in building management.

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