Crescent City Connection Gets $20M Lighting Upgrade for Super Bowl LIX

Crescent City Connection

Testing Begins on New Light System for Crescent City Connection Ahead of Super Bowl 2025

Contractors have started testing on the Crescent City Connection, a $20 million project aimed at preparing New Orleans for the Super Bowl in ten months. The innovative lighting can change colors and patterns, transforming the bridge into a stunning visual centerpiece.

However, the project has also led to significant delays for commuters. The state plans to shift the current lane closures to the inside lane of the bridge within the next six weeks. Scott Boyle from the Department of Transportation and Development stated that the work was strategically timed to minimize disruptions.

The Crescent City Connection, which carries over 160,000 cars daily, is expected to experience lane closures until late August, depending on weather conditions. The project aims to be completed between late December and early January, just in time for the Super Bowl, ensuring the bridge is ready to shine on the national stage.

The new lighting system is designed not only to enhance the bridge’s aesthetic appeal but also to showcase New Orleans’ vibrant spirit and hospitality during one of the most significant events of the year.

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