DLC Networked Lighting Controls NLC5.1 Technical Requirements Update

DLC NLC5.1 Technical Requirements

The DesignLights Consortium (DLC) has announced the release of Networked Lighting Controls Technical Requirements Version NLC5.1, scheduled to take effect on August 1, 2024, ahead of the annual NLC listing update. This update primarily focuses on enhancing cybersecurity protocols, ensuring compliance with the latest standards without delisting any current systems from the Qualified Products List (QPL).

Networked lighting controls are pivotal in boosting energy savings, potentially increasing efficiency by up to 50% compared to traditional LED upgrades alone. Despite these benefits, adoption rates remain modest, posing a challenge to maximizing energy savings and securing investments in LED technology.

The DLC’s NLC program plays a crucial role in incentivizing these controls by setting benchmarks for cybersecurity, energy reporting, and interoperability. Version NLC5.1 incorporates feedback from stakeholders, refining sections like Energy Monitoring with minor adjustments pending the ANSI C137.9 standard’s publication.

Key updates in NLC5.1 include bolstered cybersecurity criteria, now accepting PSA-certified chip level 1, alongside formatting improvements like Table 0 for clarity on requirements other than control capabilities. Additionally, clarifications on Primary Use Designations (e.g., “Whole Building” vs. “Portfolio”) and alignment adjustments from “Interior” to “Indoor” and “Exterior” to “Outdoor” enhance consistency across DLC documentation.

For inquiries regarding NLC5.1, the DLC encourages contacting [email protected], underscoring their commitment to ongoing collaboration towards widespread integration of advanced lighting controls.

This release marks a step forward in promoting energy-efficient lighting solutions, reinforcing the DLC’s mission to advance sustainability through innovative technical standards and industry cooperation.

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