Amazon Prime Day: Featured Lighting Products

Amazon Prime Day is here. Prime Day starts today, October 13th, and will run through October 14th. There are many lighting products that are included in this sale, and below is a list of ones that we like:
Philips Hue White and Color LED Smart Button Starter Kit:
Voice activated through most smart home devices. Has 16 million colors available, and a 22 year lifespan. One smart button with mounting plates. Currently 20% off through Prime Day.
Philips Hue Smart Dimmable LED Smart Light Recipe Kit:
Brightness up to 800 lumens. Can mount the dimmer anywhere with screws or mounting tape. Works with Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit. Currently 20% off through Prime Day.
Philips LED Dusk to Dawn Bulbs:
Has built in light sensor for dusk to dawn features. Uses 75% less energy than incandescent. Not compatible with Philips Hue products. Currently 20% off through Prime Day.
Lutron Z3-1BRL-WH-L0 Aurora Smart Bulb Dimmer:
Dimmer switch for Philips Hue light bulbs. No app required to use, always ready to use. Doesn’t require a Wifi connection. No wiring needed, features snap on mechanic. Currently 25% off through Prime Day.
Eero 6 Mesh Wifi System:
A Wifi system with Echo Dot and two Philips Hue bulbs. Utilizes TrueMesh technology. This system isn’t out yet but will be released on November 2nd. It is currently 22% off on Amazon.
C by GE Smart Party Lights Starter Kit:
Smart bulbs that feature tunable white and full color options. Can be paired with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant for voice control. Can also be controlled using a wireless remote. These are currently 37% off through the Amazon Prime Day sale.
C by GE Smart Plug:
Smart plugs that respond to voice commands in order to optimize and control electric devices. Essentially makes non-smart devices smart. This plug is currently 48% off through the Amazon Prime Day sale.
Nanoleaf Rhythm Edition Smarter Kit:
An interesting way to use light. Nanoleaf is a set of LED panels that recognizes music in order to change color in sync with the rhythm of the music. Allows you have to have audiovisual light shows in your own home. This is currently 10% off through the Prime Day sale.
Leviton Smart Voice Dimmer Switch:
This dimmer switch allows for full voice control without the need of a hub. Has Alexa built into the system. Also compatible with Google Assistant. This switch is currently 20% off through the Prime Day sale.
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